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$85.00/M Regularly $100.50
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$125/M Regularly $145
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FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

What is the difference between a Shared Hosting and Cloud Servers?

Shared (personal) web hosting is the cheapest, most popular and most widely available type of hosting solution. Cloud (Business) hosting is faster, secured and has the ability to handle large amounts of traffic, email, dedicated resources, improved security protection, and it’s reliability.

What are the benefits of a Cloud Server

Redundancy and high availability are some of the main features of cloud servers. This ensures that a hardware failure on one of the physical servers will not necessarily translate into downtime, as the data or resources can be allocated from another location. Additionally, dedicated instances provides a way more secure environment and isolation protocols in case of a compromise, minimize the impact of such incidents (of course, choosing a trusted provider is of great importance), and are a solid option for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that manage very sensitive information.

What is Propagation?

Name server or record changes usually take 24 to 72 hours to start working. This phenomenon is known as international propagation. Because of propagation, not all visitors will follow your new name servers to your new hosting account; some visitors will continue to follow your old name servers to your old hosting account.
How quickly visitors follow the new name servers depends on their physical location, internet service provider, and some luck; it is not something HDWEBPROVIDER™ has control over. Once propagation is over, your site will be appearing on our network and your email will be fully functional. (with and without www.)
There is no positive way to tell when propagation has completed. During the first 48 hours, even if you see your site online, your next door neighbor might see the site on the old server, or another website. If you still have issues with your name servers after 72 hours, please submit a ticket to the 24/7 support center.

What is the difference between a Reseller Hosting and Cloud Servers?

If you’re an emerging entrepreneur or have a small business that wants to focus on earning profit and build your own brand then reseller hosting is the right choice for you. Those who want a high level of security, instant scalability, and the ability to remotely access your web host should go for cloud hosting.

Do you offer Free Website Migration?

Yes, we certainly offer FREE Website Migration if you had everything in order in the old situation.
In practice we regularly see that in the old situation not everything is in order. In this case we want at least send the most important mail. By following the steps -of analyzing traffic and positions; Mapping current URLs; Mapping new URLs; The relocation plan; To test; The move; Monitoring and adjusting;- you know exactly where you stand and what the risks are and you can make informed choices.

What are the benefits of a Dedicated Cloud Server?

– Cost saving
– Complete free technical usage
– Optimal performance
– All control over your software, websites and databases
– Completely isolated
– Flexible and scalable
– No worries about maintenance
– Install all applications you want.

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