A Comodo SSL Certificate is an ideal way to safeguard your online business, web server and customers. Apart from this, it is cost effective & comes with a little extra, like a FREE trust seal to help you win a potential customer’s trust. It supports up to 256-bit encryption & 2048-bit signature which means you still get the maximum benefit of the high-level of security available. These SSL certificates are inherently trusted by 99.9% of the current Internet population, along with most popular mobile devices worldwide. Comodo is a trusted brand & has earned a great reputation in the SSL certificates space for industry-leading customer care and technical support.

Comodo’s SSL certificates verify domain & company information before issuance with a $250,000 warranty. Its automated validation system greatly decreases paperwork & any delays to quickly obtaining the industry-standard encryption at an entry-level cost. The cert comes with a 30-day money back guarantee along with unlimited Re-issues & FREE Unlimited Server Licenses. Our 24/7 phone, email and web support allows you to have expert solutions at your finger-tips during installation or when you’re using your SSL certificate. Now you can affordably win customers’ trust and instill confidence in mere minutes with the coveted golden padlock icon that verifies that your site is secure. This cheap Comodo SSL certificate is issued within 10 minutes & is the perfect choice for small to medium size business validation or security. In addition, it can conveniently be purchased for a term of up to two years.